Parents guide to Gymnastics during Covid-19 

This family handbook will let you know what changes to expect in our

procedures, policies, planning and operations when we resume classes.

Please make sure you take the time to read this prior to returning or joining our club.


Our classes are governed by the principal of 4 F's






Welcome to our club. Gymnastics is a sport that can be done by anyone at any level at any age. We offer our community the opportunity to grow strong in both physical and social skills.

From our members to our coaches and volunteers Medowie Gymnastics is passionate about supporting their growth and goals at any stage of life.


We offer a full range of classes to engage and challenge you and your kids.

Gymnastics is a sport unlike any other. Skills learnt here can be easily transferred to any other sport and/or every day situations.

From strength and courage to resilience and self reliance gymnast  learn to tackle life challenges head on. Teamwork, trust and respect  are skills also developed and grown in gymnastics.

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