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How to Redeem your Active and/or Creative Kids Vouchers


Medowie Gymnastics is a Registered Provider for both Active and Creative Kids.

Follow these steps to redeem.

Please note that failure to follow any of these steps will result in a $20 administration fee being charged.

  1. Vouchers must be emailed within 24 hours of enrolment (either through the parent portal or after a trial class)

  2. Email your voucher to

  3. Enter your child's name followed by either AKV or CCV in the email subject line. Eg. Natalie Wood AKV or Tom Jones CCV

  4. In the email you must include your child's DOB - Please double check you have the correct year of birth and not the current year before sending

  5. Send one email per child per voucher.

Once the information has been received your fees will be adjusted. If the steps above are not followed and the vouchers cannot be redeemed. A $20 admin fee will be charged for additional time admin spends chasing you up.

No voucher will be accepted through Facebook Messenger, SMS or any other medium than email.

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