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Womens Artistic Gymnastics - WAG

Mens Artistic Gymnastics - MAG


WAG & MaG: Ages 4 - 13 years.


 foundation classes are Level 1 and 2. Goal is to develop their skill base along with increasing strength and endurance. Level 1 and 2 are the foundation are the Compulsory Levels upon which more advanced skills are built. Perfecting the body shapes, awareness, posture and alignment will advance the gymnast to perform strong handstands. An extremely important skill which majority of advanced skills develop from.


levels and Level 3 and 4 are Compulsory Levels

At this Level the routine in NLP increase in complexity and the competitions are judged on deduction scoring. Teaching the gymnast to understand the correct body position always comes back to drilling the basic shapes and improving strength and endurance.


Skill acquired in WAG Level 3 include Floor - Handstand Forward Roll, Bridge Kick over, Bars - Glide Swing, Pullover, Back Hip Circle Vault - Handspring to Flat back Beam - L Handstand, 1/2 Turns, Jumps Series

Skill acquired in WAG Level 4 include Floor - Round Off, Split Leap, Handspring Bars - 2x Glide Swings, long swing to pullover Vault - Handspring to Flat back Beam - Full Handstand, Split Leap


Gymnast learn the National Levels Program (NLP) routines and are encouraged to take part in competitions throughout the year to showcase their skills and be inspired by other gymnasts. *By invitation only or acceptance through a successful trial class where the required skills and mindset are demonstrated by the gymnast*

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