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Gymnastics for All

Gymnastics for all or otherwise known as GfA is a recreational gymnastic program for school age children. GfA programs are designed and based around the 4 F's FUN, FRIENDSHIP, FITNESS and FOUNDATION which is what we strive to have each child achieve and experience during their classes. GfA programs are designed for all ages and all abilities and will provides your child the knowledge to confidently preform basic gymnastic skills.


Junior Rec: Ages 4-8 years.

Children who enjoy physical activity are more likely to continue with sport. A fun class where basic fundamental shapes/movements and skills are taught. The basic skills of landing, rolling and being upside-down are developed. This class provides the basis of understanding and developing the technical skills from which we build upon in Gymnastics. 


Senior Rec: Ages 8-13 years.

Building on the foundations of fundamental Gymnastic movements towards move advanced skills. Children can continue to develop their talent while getting strong and flexible in fun and challenging ways. From here they can be transitioned into the Progression classes.

Free G: Ages 7 - 13 years.

A combination of Parkour, Tricking and Free Running come together to keep the boys and the ToM Boys engaged in this class. Using spring, static, locomotion and landing movement patterns children are encourage to develop individual tumbling passes and partner Acrobatics. Good body control and awareness is a key focus in this class with additional attention payed to conditioning and core strength. *Advanced class is by invitation only.*

Team Gym: Ages 7 - 13 years.

A combination of tumbling, Trampoline, Acrobatics and 

Dance are taught. The gymnast are encourage to explore their creativity with the development of routines to music. Routines are done on the Floor as a Group, on the Air trak, and on the mini tramp both individually and Synchronised. Opportunities to compete in Regional Team GYM events throughout the year allow participants in this class To build self esteem and confidence being supported by team  mates whilst showcasing skills.

no matter what the level the gymnast is Team gym is perfect for kids wanting to compete but not ready or interested in WAG/MAG levels program and prefer to compete as a team rather than an individual.

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