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Time: 9am to 3pm

Cost: $66 per session

Booking for Spring Holiday Program will be open from Tuesday 6th September.

 Tuesday - 17th January & Monday - 23rd January

Gymnastics For All

Includes Hoops, Balls and Ribbon activities, games, basic obstacles course and skill development on Floor, Beam, Bars and Trampoline.

Wednesday - 18th January & Tuesday - 24th January

Free G

Combination of Parkour, Tricking and Free Running includes games and obstacle course design and safety, vaulting and tumbling skill development and bar skills and strength.

Thursday - 19th January & Wednesday - 25th October

Trampoline and Tumbling Skills

Trampoline includes shape, skill and safety development on the Air Tracks, Single Mini Tramp, Double Mini Tramp and Competition Trampoline.

Tumbling is a core gymnastics skill, working at your child's level as they develop their skill/s in handstand, cartwheels, round offs, and back flips. 

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